If it comes to deciding on a Indian food cuisine for a unique meal there are lots of unique things to look for. Munching food from Hungry Tau can be an unforgettable experience for a daily meal. The moment that you visit or book online from the hungry tau you’re almost guaranteed that the food you are going to be consuming is just blended with hand made spices quite , nutritious and mouth watering. Our food ranges from North Indian, Chinese, Punjabi food and more..

Since 1997 We Are Serving you

Hungry Tau , is one of India’s growing and most dynamic food and retail companies with 4 owned and 2 managed brands under its umbrella. It started its journey in the year 1997 with an innovative combination of traditional fusion as well as new-age F&B concepts in New Zealand. Today, it has a scale of over passionate 30 employees.

It has been our endeavour to create a strong connect with food lovers and their Taste buds in various cities like Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, NZ .Our brands which are denting food pallets in the region are Hungry Tau . Mughal sarai , madabout burgers and The grand village.

Drawing unparalleled expertise in the Indian food industry, Hungry Tau Foods is moving towards crafting new designs for rural India. We specialize in offering exciting meal options to travel through a variety of formats including sit down restaurants, and On-the-Go Food carts and Cafe models.

Further, the brand division, ‘Institutional Catering’ is making small Steps of growth in this sector catering to the needs of local corporate & social events including institutions, weddings & private parties.

Vision Mission

Passionate, creative and hardworking, Chef Anmol is associated with Hungry Tau as its Group CEO Cum the Master Chef. With over 20 years of culinary experience in India and Overseas, he brings Positive, Vibrant and unimaginably innovative energy to the brand. His wide zestful ranging experience, nuclear creative flair and ardent desire for the culinary arts, makes him the ideal chef to oversee the renowned brand and take forward its legacy .

The group’s vision is to create employment for the people of India, train them to be independent , and each employee should handle the brands various individual outlets independently. Our Vision is powered by our forefathers and grand parents vision to provide food jobs and a decent life for all our staff members.

Conceptualised in 1950 by our fore fathers in the province of south india and Uttranchal serving since 1997 …

If it comes to deciding on a restaurant for a unique meal there are lots of unique things to look for. Hungry Tau can be extremely great for a daily meal. The moment you visit a Hungry Tau restaurant you’re almost guaranteeing that the food you are going to consume is a great nutritious meal more blended in flavors taste and quality unlike the the food cooked at home. We offer cuisines from Northern India,Chinese, Mughlai food. We are strategically located at Arjun Marg, Gurgaon. Hungry Tau is an effort to revisit the lost heritage of age old cuisines of the Mughal era; which have lost their true essence in today’s café culture, in order to bring the real, but forgotten, food to the people. We are also using Tepan or modern Tawa for live cooking